Claire At A Glance...
Undergraduate degree from Stanford; Masters degree from Harvard.
Professional History: 30 years veteran of the health care industry. Founder of Segue Consulting.
Personal Interests: My three children, travel, hiking, cooking, pottery, gardening.
First job in health care: US House of Representatives, Ways and Means Healthcare Subcommittee. An eye-popping experience!
Board Experience:
Center for Workforce Health & Improvement; Peregrine Management Corporation; Colorado Notebook, Inc.; Colorado Health Strategy and Management (Past President); Advisory Board, American Academy of Health Purchasing Cooperatives.
What I love about my work: I love helping clients expand their horizons with respect to their role in the healthcare environment and the services they provide.  It’s especially gratifying helping translate the language of the private sector to public sector clients and vice versa.  Despite how much is “broken” about our healthcare system, there are so many exciting innovations happening that will make it better.
Sometime in the Future: I see a return to international work and contemplate another stint overseas!

About Claire

Claire Brockbank is a 30-year veteran of the health care industry, with a breadth and depth of perspective that can only come from working across the spectrum of industry segments. Ms. Brockbank is the founder and a principal partner of Segue Consulting, a health care strategy and business development firm. Since 1996, Segue has helped international, national, and local clients revamp their business strategies to help shape or better align with the rapidly changing health care marketplace. Ms. Brockbank’s clients include public and private sector entities, employers, physician and hospital organizations, manufacturing organizations and a number of technology firms with an interest in the health care sector.

Ms. Brockbank is a strong believer in the value of data and evidence-based research. She is currently working with the Centers for Disease Control to engage health care purchasers and payers in pilots to demonstrate the value of CDC’s 6|18 initiative.  Ms. Brockbank's goal with this initiative is to align evidence-based preventive practices with emerging value-based payment and delivery models.  Ms. Brockbank has a longstanding relationship with the National Alliance of Healthcare Purchasers (formerly National Business Coalition on Health) and its eValue8 RFI which is responded to by over 100 health plans nationally on behalf of employers representing approximately 100 million lives. The eValue8 data provides a robust foundation for much of her work with health plans and employers.

Ms. Brockbank recently concluded a nine year engagement with a major workers’ compensation carrier on a 15 million dollar Total Worker Health initiative to provide wellness interventions to policyholders and their employees and study the impact of wellness on workers’ compensation costs, productivity, and aggregate health risks.

Ms. Brockbank enjoys strategic planning and is an active facilitator. In particular, Ms. Brockbank has worked to bring disparate stakeholders to the table to resolve issues relating to differing perceptions of health care accountabilities. Ms. Brockbank effectively facilitated a long term effort with two public agencies in Colorado along with a number of advocates and stakeholders in resolving Medicaid funding issues causing Colorado to be out of compliance with a federal waiver. Ms. Brockbank is the facilitator and subject matter expert for efforts in several states that are bringing public and private sectors together to support tobacco cessation.

Ms. Brockbank enjoys public speaking and has been a featured speaker at a number of national conferences, including Integrated Benefits Institute, National Business Coalition on Health, Centers for Disease Control, North American Quitline Consortium, and American Lung Association.   Her published research can be found in publications including Health Affairs, Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, and Benefits Magazine.

Ms. Brockbank received her undergraduate degree from Stanford and a her Masters from Harvard. She has three children and enjoys traveling, hiking, cooking, and rare moments in her garden.
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