What We Offer

Product Innovation

Segue helps clients identify and analyze new product opportunities or adapt their current product lines to changing market demands. Areas of particular expertise include opportunities arising from new legislation or regulation, the impact of changing demographics, and biomedical, health and information technologies. Segue has also helped numerous clients assess the potential for entry into the health care arena.

Strategic Planning

Segue can lead your company, agency or organization through a practical strategic planning process that emphasizes engagement and an end product that is immediate and action-oriented.

Business Research

Clients with an interest in a new opportunity but lacking the internal band-width enlist Segue to undertake preliminary research or draft background white papers. Segue is particularly adept at identifying and implementing partnering strategies both inside and external to the health care world.

Success in health care innovation often requires engaging multiple parties with competing interests in joint problem-solving.  We believe in bringing subject matter expertise, active listening, and creative problem solving to bear in our facilitation engagements. Segue has an extensive track record facilitating:

  • Groups that include participants from diverse public and private sector organizations
  • Multiple players with differing viewpoints from within the same organization
  • Groups with a large number of participants that need guidance to identify a constructive work process and productive endpoint
  • Public and community participation in policy and strategy decision making.


Policy Analysis

Regardless of the business activity, it is difficult to succeed in health care without a solid understanding of public policy. Federal and state government and regulators impact reimbursement, coverage requirements and access. Further, many of the quality and purchasing innovations of interest to Segue’s clients are shaped by public policy debates at the state and national level. Segue has worked in both the public and private sector and is skilled at translating public requirements into business processes and business realities into the public domain.